So, You Have A Ton of Vacation Photos?

If you are anything like me you have a MULTITUDE of photos from all of your vacations. What do you do to back them up? I'm a photographer and I'm almost always snapping photos with my phone or camera. I load the photos onto my computer and then what? I always back my photos up with Google Photos (both on mobile and desktop), but what happens if there is a cloud breach or something shuts down? I needed a solution for hard storage.


I recently found this handy dandy little device that makes photo hard storage easy! Welcome, The Photo Stick. This little tiny USB drive is all you need to back your photos up. I got the 128 GB Desktop version and thought I would try it out for you guys. (It's currently on sale HERE)

This couldn't have been simpler. I popped it in, a USB message popped up on my screen and after a few clicks, my photos were being copied over to the drive! Now, I can tuck away the drive and update it at a later time with newer photos or keep it plugged in to always be backed up. To me, this is the brilliant way to back things up. Keep this drive in a safety deposit box and your photos are always safe!


Guest Blogger: Melissa Cassell

Instagram: @greeneyedskies

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