Dapper Days 2018

For the past three years I have been dying to photograph Dapper Day and I always seemed to have a scheduling conflict that kept me from doing so! Since I’m a wedding photographer this always seems to be the story of my life, but somehow this year I was FREE to photograph at the parks that weekend! I love photography. To me it’s not entirely an art form. I think it’s more a beautiful way to document a moment, a feeling or small sliver of your life. I have randomly found myself taking pictures of strangers at parks, museums and events to later having these beautiful photos and no way of getting them to their owners. Dapper Day was a dream come true in this sense!

I don’t remember when I learned of Dapper Day but @rockibillydisney helped me fall in love with it! There’s something so beautiful about encompassing a time through dress and attitude that really resonates with me. I have similar feelings about Disney Bounding. For my Dapper Days I wanted to capture the 50’s in a way that struck me personally.

1950s Nina Leen’s Woman

I wanted my Epcot Dapper Day attire to mimic what I was doing all weekend (capturing photographs) so I thought I would go with a Nina Leen inspired character. Now Nina Leen was a 1940/50s photographer that was incredibly quirky and pushed style trends to the core. I wanted to not encompass the look of Nina, but the look of her 1950’s woman. A full skirted, poised, gracefully beautiful women that always appeared to have more scandalous knowledge in her brain than any good woman should. And with the help of Amazon I think I did just that!

1950s Paleolithic Adventurer

For my Animal Kingdom Dapper Day attire I wanted to capture one of my life long loves. Dinos! The Dinosaur ride is one of my favorites and as a child I was sure I would grow up and find living dinosaurs as Dinosaurologist. (Yes I believed they weren’t extinct, just hiding, for way to long). So this outfit was to capture the adventurer inside me as well as my love for dinosaurs. So with the help of Amazon and Bows and Dots and Things I think I captured the perfect elitist that would walk herself right into Dinosaur country if she could.

Photographing Dapper Day

What Else I Did On Dapper Day