Brand Photoshoot

Interested in BEING In a Magical PHOTO SHOOT?!

Welcome! We are truly touched that you have come to love our products so much that you are wanting to help us promote them! Our brand reps are some of our most favorite people! We will be having a photo shoot and would love for you to participate! Please read below, and if you qualify please apply!


Photo Shoot Details

When: April 10, 7:30am-9:00am (sunrise)

Where: A Disney World Hotel Resort

(Shoot location will be disclosed to chosen participants only)

Shops Participating: Park Hopper Supply


We are looking for a few individuals to rep our already printed mock tees which are a size MEDIUM as well as one size fits all products. You must comfortably be a medium. All models will be SWITCHING apparel throughout the shoot (hence the need to all be the same size.) You MUST wear a white or cream TANK TOP under all tees and to the shoot. There will not be a changing room (hint the undershirt.)

You must be 18 years of age or older.

We understand the delicacy of putting a size on modeling, however take a look at the photo above of the five girls, this is a prime example of how "medium" includes quite a lot of body shapes! We obviously have NO requirements for race, gender, color etc. Just be over 18 and a medium :)


From our shop you will leave with a swag bag of items from the shoot!

You will be tagged in the photos of you that we post on social media and you will also receive, in an email, any photo of you that made it through editing.

Enjoy a morning out with a bunch of Disney loving new friends!

The Fine Print

By filling out the fields below you agree that you meet ALL the requirements and WILL SHOW on "shoot day" on time and in a professional appearance if you are chosen. You agree to let us use the photos of you for marketing purposes and agree to tag all shops in any photos you use of ours from that day. You lastly agree that all contact between you and all parties will be cordial, kind and with good intentions.

Small shops are more than a business, they are like family members. If you are applying just for free product we ask you to move along as this may not be the program for you, but if you are applying because you believe in small business and more specifically this business, please fill out this form! Reps will be picked no later than Friday March 1st. You will only receive a message if you are chosen!

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